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Protect Your Most Valuable Plants from Japanese Beetles and Other Pests Without Pesticides - With BugVibes™ - Electronic Plant Shields™

Reduce the devastation of your plants and trees from Japanese beetles and other pests with a safe organic solution! BugVibes™ is a small battery powered device that is easily strapped to a small tree, branch, or loosely attached vine. Once on, it gently vibrates to help keep beetles and other damaging pests off. Unlike pesticides and Japanese beetle traps, BugVibes™ helps prevent plant damage before it happens. It’s truly organic and safe for your family. Here is the proof on potted roses after just three weeks outside:

BugVibes™ Fighting Pests on Cherry Trees
  • Four settings for pest fighting level.
  • AA Battery powered for easy operation.
  • Proven effective by University of Wisconsin study.
  • Most effective when the leaves or branches are able to move. Plants firmly mounted to a stiff structure such as Ivy on a wall may not vibrate adequately.
  • Most effective on single stem plants or plants with stems coming from one base.
  • Patent Pending.
  • Durable construction. Re-use for years.BugVibes Product Photo with Accessories

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  • Significantly reduces damage from Japanese beetles and other damaging insects such as ants.
  • Straps to an individual tree, loose vine, or branch and vibrates off Japanese beetles and other pests.
  • Reduces the need for dangerous pesticides.
  • Much more effective than beetle traps as beetles are not attracted to your yard.
  • For use on an individual vine or dwarf fruit tree, peach, pear, apricot, cherry, grape vine, wisteria, basil, rose or virtually any other type of fruit, tree, or loosely attached vine.
  • Important element of an Integrated Pest Management system (IPM).
  • Increase in effectiveness with multiple units.
  • Use one per every two branches of ¼ to 3-inch diameter for ideal coverage.

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Easy to Use for Japanese Beetles and Other Pests!

Example of Utilizing
BugVibes™ on Rose Bushes

BugVibes™ at Work on Many Different Plants

Proven Effective by the University of Wisconsin Madison Entomology Department:

Six potted rose plants received BugVibes™ units and six control plants lacked BugVibes™ units for comparison. Adult Japanese beetles were lured to the area. Rose plants and devices were cared for under normal conditions. Data on rose plant damage was collected after 10 days, 20 days, and 31 days (Sept 6). It was concluded that using BugVibes™ may be a viable non-chemical practice for protecting plants and could become an a part of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs.

BugVibes and UW-Madison Banner

BugVibes™...The Better Way to Fight Japanese Beetles!

Japanese Beetles Japanese Beetle

Getting Rid of Beetles

Existing methods dont work well. Even if you and all your neighbors kill all the adult beetles and grubs in your yards, they travel up to several miles in one day so they come right back and still damage your plants.

BugVibes™ chases them away from your favorite plants.

  • Japanese Beetle Grub Control – Before emerging in the summer, Japanese beetles spend their life in the ground as grubs damaging your lawn. Products such as Milky spore can be effective at reducing the number of grubs in your yard. This does not typically help protect your plants from the adult beetle. Widely available research shows the Japanese beetles travel several miles very quickly. So unless you and all of your neighbors and farms for several miles use milky spore or a chemical grub control, the adults will still ravage your plants.
  • Japanese Beetle Traps – Gardeners often think Japanese beetle traps are effective because they wind up with a bag of dead bugs. These beetle traps use a pheromone to attract beetles to the trap and then the bugs slide down into the bag. The problem with this method is that it attracts Japanese beetles from up to several miles away. University research has concluded that at best they attract as many beetles as they repel.  Often, when using traps, Gardeners prized plants still wind up damaged.
  • Pesticides – There are several common pesticides used for treating Japanese beetles. These chemical are effective but also are very dangerous if not used properly. They kill beetles very effectively but as soon as it rains, the chemicals wash off. Beetles travel several miles in a day so they come right back. We also encourage gardeners to read the label of these chemicals before deciding if they want to try to use them. The most common chemical used in these is Carbaryl. It is often sold under the brand name Sevin. It is quite effective at destroying beetles. It also says right on the label that it kills honey bees. Here is just a brief abbreviated summary of items from a Carbaryl label:

  • ∙If swallowed call poison control or doctor. Don't give anything by mouth to an unconscious person.
    ∙If in eyes call poison center or doctor after flushing
    ∙If on skin – rinse skin immediately with water for 20 minutes, call poison control or doctor.
    ∙If inhaled – if person is not breathing call 911, give artificial respiration, call poison control or doctor
    ∙Wear gloves
    ∙Wear long sleeve shirt
    ∙Wear long pants
    ∙Wear chemical resistant head gear
    ∙Wear shoes and socks
    ∙Harmful if swallowed, absorbed through skin, inhaled or in eyes
    ∙Overexposure may cause cramps, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea...

    Don't waste your time with chemical-resistant clothing, endangering your health, and uncertainty; be positive with BugVibes™ Pest that your valuable time will be spent pondering what you're going to do with all the beautiful organic fruit!