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What is BugVibes™

BugVibes™ is a small electronic device which straps to a tree, stem, plant, branch or loosely attached vine. Once strapped on, it vibrates according to patent pending algorithms to help chase away Japanese beetles, ants and many other pests from that plant. It's that easy to save the Most Valuable Plants in your yard. It is designed to help farmers, gardeners and growers of all types reduce their use of pesticides and fight pests where other methods dont work. It's completely organic.

Join the growing number of farmers and gardeners that are reducing pesticide use!

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The University of Wisconsin has verified its effectiveness on repelling Japanese beetles on potted rose bushes and determined that it could be the latest technology in Integrated Pest Management (IPM).  With its advanced technology design, BugVibes™ comes in configurations designed for many different uses and types of pests.

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What's New?

Japanese Beetles BugVibes™ and Roses            Japanese Beetles BugVibes Without Roses

Far more effective than Japanese beetle traps and much safer for your family than pesticides!

It all started eight plus years ago. Our founders were avid Wisconsin gardeners. Wisconsin, like many other states, suffered a massive invasion of Japanese beetles or Popillia japonica.

Our fruit trees were devastated and so were many other plants in the yard. We tried Japanese beetle traps but our prized plants in the yard were still damaged. We then began spraying carbaryl. We used brand name Sevin. This was highly effective until it rained. After several years of spraying, we began reading the label on the product. Considering we grow a lot of fruit and our prize plants are close to the house, the extreme warnings made us wonder if it was safe for our family to use. We decided that there must be a better way to fight the plague and reduce the use of pesticides.

Japanese beetles

Like many gardeners we spent a lot of time shaking beetles off of plants. We decided to design and patent a device that shook them for us. That's how BugVibes™ got started.

When we began using BugVibes™, we became excited quickly as there were other applications beyond beetles. The video below shows the next application we discovered.

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Explanation: Squash Vine Borer skips over the vibrating (with BugVibes™) squash plant to bury down by the still plant next to it...

BugVibes™ Uses?

  • Gardeners, farmers, organic farmers, universities, nurseries with Japanese beetle or other pest problems
  • Experimental uses at home: cherry growers, farmers, and to ward off birds and cherry fruit flies
  • Those interested in an safe alternative to pesticides
  • Anyone who places a high importance on organic foods
  • Integrated Pest Management programs
  • Farmers, gardeners, landscapers, and anyone interested in growing fruit/vegetables and/or a healthy looking yard

Have a pest problem? We are currently looking for gardeners, farmers and university researchers interested in testing out BugVibes™ products on new types of pests and plants. Possible uses and research areas include stink bug deterrent, bird deterrent, deer deterrent, plant growth stimulation, root growth stimulation, emerald ash borer deterrent, keeping mosquitoes from laying eggs, plant self pollination, etc. We are also interested in distributors. Follow this link for more information.