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What is BugVibes™

BugVibes™ is a small electronic device which straps to a tree, stem, plant, branch or loosely attached vine. Once strapped on, it vibrates according to patent pending algorithms to help chase away Japanese beetles, ants and many other pests from that plant. It's that easy to save the Most Valuable Plants in your yard. It is designed to help farmers, gardeners and growers of all types reduce their use of pesticides and fight pests where other methods dont work. It's completely organic.

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Join the growing number of farmers and gardeners that are reducing pesticide use!

The University of Wisconsin has verified its effectiveness on repelling Japanese beetles on potted rose bushes and determined that it could be the latest technology in Integrated Pest Management (IPM).  With its advanced technology design, BugVibes™ comes in configurations designed for many different uses and types of pests.

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What's New?

Our Kickstarter Campaign
Has Begun!

Help us develop a universal unit to assist in reducing nationwide pesticide use. Your assistance will result in some awesome prizes including promotional items, organic seeds, discounted BugVibes™ units, and even working with a BugVibes™ engineer to customize a unit for the pest that ails you most! Additonally, your contribution to the campaign will cut one more yard's pesticide usage, and as a result reduce the need for GMOS, limit the expensive measures and hassle of growing organic, and reduce the killing of beneficial insects like honeybees.

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How It All Started...

Our team began with an avid Wisconsin gardener who suffered a massive invasion of Japanese beetles or Popillia japonica and began spraying carbaryl/Sevin. Considering he grew a lot of fruit and kept prized plants close to the house, the extreme warnings made him wonder if it was safe for his family to use. We decided that there must be a better way to fight the plague and reduce the use of pesticides. Like many gardeners we spent a lot of time shaking beetles off of plants, so we decided to design and patent a device called BugVibes™ that shook them for us. When we began using BugVibes™, we became excited quickly as there were other applications beyond beetles...